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We Believe in Being the Best, Always

Students can fulfil their goal of pursuing MBBS abroad with Lakshya MBBS Overseas. We are here to assist you wherever you choose to study MBBS abroad. Our team supports the process from beginning to end, and we have the greatest counsellors available who will provide face-to-face counselling. There won't be any room for doubt with you. Given that you've always wanted to be a doctor, we're confident you'll end up being among the greatest.

boasts of a highly-modern university with an extensive infrastructure and highly-experienced faculties that are very renowned in their respective fields. Today, the student count is more than 3500 who belong to different countries all over the world.

Offerings at the International School of Medicine

The following will be offered to you at ISM:

Advanced Campus Amenities

The amenities at ISM are very advanced and play a crucial role in offering a comprehensive experience to students.

Everything for Students

ISM boasts of some of the most leading facilities and amenities for its confirmed and enrolled students.

Global Validation

Students can secure their MBBS degree after which they can practice their occupation almost anywhere in the world.

Expert Guidance

The faculties at ISM ensure that no student misses absolutely anything in dubious minds and confusing thoughts.

Skip All and Choose ISM. We Tell You Why

The International School of Medicine has been around for almost two decades, which is a pretty good time for any institution to establish its stronghold in absolutely any domain. Clearly, for any student choosing ISM as their chosen university, then they will not be facing any issues when it comes about education that stays with them for life.

  • Affiliated from WHO, AMSAA, and more.
  • Class-leading educational facilities.
  • A homely experience with courteous management.
  • Wide acclaim and best in Central Asia

The Best University for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan


The ISM takes pride in serving the needs of local and international students as a community by providing them the best of educational resources so that students can make the right impact and contribute to society welfare at large by honing their skills so that they can be the right people when it comes to medicine.


As far as the ISM vision is concerned, we work on the principle of consistent and continuous improvement. Each and every member in the ISM considers it their personal responsibility to contribute to the welfare to ensure the perfect quality in their work. This policy is completely imbibed within the working process in the institute at every juncture.










Our Lovely Students Feedback

Anshul sahu

International School of Medicine

The International School of Medicine was a wise decision on our part which is mainly because of the kind of education, amenities, as well as infrastructure on offer for students. The experience is truly one of a kind and I couldn’t have asked for a better college.

Anurag Patidar

International School of Medicine

I tried among a lot of colleges in Kyrgyzstan for admitting my son to get him his medical education done in a reputed college. After a lot of disappointments, we decided to go ahead with ISM, and we’re really happy with how his progress has been in these two years.

Hariom bhavsa

International School of Medicine

ISM has been true to its claim of one of the most promising medical institutions. There’s so much help on offer from the faculties even after their lectures, and they are very attentive to any queries that anyone has. Everyone is supremely cooperative, which is a really nice thing.

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