International School of Medicine Gives Wings to Indian MBBS Aspirants

International School of Medicine Gives Wings to Indian MBBS Aspirants


13 May, 2022

It was a long time ago when Indian students had this opinion to stay within the country’s geographical boundaries when it came to getting done with their higher education. That time has now passed, which is why students belonging to India are now looking for better opportunities beyond borders.

The name of Kyrgyzstan has become one of the most preferred ones when one talks about quality medical education abroad, and it’s a place where the International School of Medicine has been making its presence felt for quite a few years now, and the reasons have been quite plain for everyone to see- spectacular infrastructure, experienced faculties and years of offering the best medical education that money can buy in Kyrgyzstan. Suffice to say that it’s one of the best medical colleges in Kyrgyzstan presently.

The International School of Medicine has been around for almost two decades now, and we have a few reasons why this institute in Bishkek is enticing Indian MBBS aspirants since about the same time.

Let’s go ahead with them:

1- Global-Scale Amenities for Students

Every amenity offered at ISM adheres to global education and quality standards, which is a big deal considering how recent Bishkek has risen among the ranks as a destination of offering medical education.

2- Global Acclaim and Accolades

Every award that ISM has won over the years for its reputation has been backed by global health monitoring organizations, making it one of the most prestigious medical institutions in the world as of now.

The organizations cover WHO, AMCC, and more!

Final Words

It’s quite there for all to see- ISM is offering the best of all worlds to Indian students, making it one of the most culturally advanced institutions that you can enroll yourself to. International School of Medicine for Indian students, everyone!

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